13 - P.I.N.S. (Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia)

I've got great news for the many haunted citizens of Nova Scotia. There is a small, but well organized group of paranormal investigators working among us. Through their use of cutting edge techniques and equipment, P.I.N.S.' aims to answer the many questions regarding our historic hauntings and hopefully, in the process, ease our troubled minds.

This episode features excerpts of the recent conversations I had with Earl Lattie and Heather Rann, two of the groups founding members.

The first talk will focus on the formation, past investigations, their Haunted Nova Scotia Facebook Group and key moments during the history of P.I.N.S.

The second being a curated tour of the terrifying, yet compelling, EVP recordings the group captured during their many investigations. Recordings in which they believe to have captured voices from beyond attempting to communicate with them.

12 - Tim Hortons, Strange Place

Tim Hortons Coffee Shop undoubtedly plays a role in the lives of many Canadians. That said, Canadians can be strange and Tim Hortons can be a strange place. This episode sets out to prove it.

The First in the Night Time Podcast's ongoing Strange Places series, this episode compiles a collection of stranger than fiction true stories that have taken place in our beloved Timmies.

Including guests: former Finance Minister Graham Steele, K* (the Halifax resident convicted in the infamous 15 timbit scheme) and two Night Time Podcast listeners all providing their unique stories.

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11 - Maura Murray Case Follow Up (with James Renner and John Smith)

In this follow up episode, we will dig deeper into the disappearance of Maura Murray with two of the driving forces working towards resolving the many unanswered questions.  

James Renner is an investigation journalist and author who has been closely attached to the case due to his controversial blog "my search for Maura Murray". James' novel covering the case 'True Crime Addict' will be released on May 24. 

John Smith is an ex police officer who has been working on the case in varying degrees since hearing the initial news reports of her disappearance. John has worked closely with the Murray family and is highly respected by followers of the case the world over.

10 - The Disappearance of Maura Murray

When Maura Murray's vehicle ended up stuck in a snowbank facing the wrong direction in rural New Hampshire, concerned homeowners notified police and offered her help. Only minutes after she refused their assistance, police arrived on the scene finding Maura's empty car.

The search for Maura and the many unanswered questions relating to her unusual behavior in the days prior to her disappearance have recently entered their 13th year.

The episode will feature an extended discussion with Tim and Lance, hosts of the popular Missing Maura Maura podcast, who will provide their opinions on the theories and many complicating factors relating to Maura's tragic case.

Conversation with Aurelia from Aurelia is blogging about the case/episode

9 - The 2014 Kensington PEI UFO Sighting

When Moncton resident John Sheppard arrived at The Twin Shores Campground near Kensington PEI, he never would have imagined he would be avoiding one of the worst mass murders in his province's history and stepping into an entirely different battle ground he hardly knew existed.

While putting out the bonfire late in the evening of June 4, 2014, John witnessed unusual lights in the sky over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and captured 22 minutes of it on his cellphone.

When CBC covered the sighting, which MUFON investigated and labeled a "confirmed sighting", skeptics fired back with alternate explanations prompting CBC to produce a follow up article the next day.

This episode includes both John Sheppard who describes the event and UFO researcher, author, and pilot Don Ledger who provides his opinion on the other proposed theories. 

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8 - The Disappearance of Kim McAndrew

19 year old Kim McAndrew clocked out early from her summer job at Canadian Tire and walked out of the store... never to be seen again.

This episode will discuss the events before and after Kim McAndrew's disappearance from Canadian Tire on Quinpool Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the summer of 1989.

To provide a broader picture of the disappearance, two other possibly related cases of violent crime against Halifax women and a description of the three publicly considered suspects has been included.

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7 - Pictou County: Bigfoot Capital of Nova Scotia?

Myles shares an unexplained experience he and a group of his track and field teammates had in the woods of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

After years of reflection among the group they believe the most likely explanation to be an encounter with the world's most famous cryptid - the sasquatch. 

This episode includes Myles' recorded testimony describing the event as well as an appearance by the track and field coach (Myles' father) Stephen who was with them during the encounter.

After production of the episode, a startling 1913 news report surfaced that is discussed in a special update segment added prior to the conclusion of the show. This historical news report and Myles story may change the future of outdoor leisure in Pictou County forever.

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6 - Listener Contributed Paranormal

An odd thing happened when I requested listeners contact me to share their personal experiences with the paranormal... the first two weren't terrifying at all, in fact they were quite positive!

This episode features those two listener contributed paranormal stories.

The first with CBC - Canada's Smartest Person contestant Julie Francis.

The second with accomplished Nova Scotia based author Alessandra Nadudvari

5 - The Overton Stone

The Overton Stone is a large glacial stone found on the shoreline of southwestern Nova Scotia. The Sea facing vertical surface of the stone houses two separate carvings, one of which, researcher Terry J. Deveau believes likely to be a monument to a peace treaty between early European Christian explorers and the indigenous Mi'kmaq people; possibly pre-dating the French settlement of Nova Scotia.

Both Terry J. Deveau and the Overton Stone have been featured on the History Channel show The Curse of Oak Island. 

This episode features an interview with Terry J. Deveau in which he describes the Overton Stone, its modern history, research conducted on the stone, and his theories on its possible meaning. 

4 - Laura's Vision

Laura, a listener from Halifax Nova Scotia, has been experiencing a reoccurring vision for the last six years. Laura believes this vivid vision must have some relevance to her life, or perhaps a past life. I offered to help find meaning in the vague message. 

The search for interpretation lead me to Nova Scotia based clairvoyant Drita Marshall

This episode will include Laura describing her vision, Drita providing her interpretation, and Laura reacting to both the interpretation and the possibly life changing information included. 

3 - The Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls

Shrouded in mystery and only footsteps from a major business park in Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls are an unexplained archaeological site comprised of several stone structures of uncertain age, use, and origin. 

This show will provide a description of the site, its history since it came into the public eye 25 years ago and will include discussions with the major players involved in the modern history of the site.


Jack MacNab, who brought the site into the public eye.

Terry J. Deveau, who is leading the research on the site and its surrounding area

John Bignell, who chairs a sub-committee of the Nova Scotia Archaeological society dedicated to better understanding and enhancing the protection of the site.

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2 - The 1986 Munro's Point Sighting - Part 2

Continuing the story that started in Episode one, this time told from my grandmother Theresa's point of view. Unlike my grandfathers amazed but cautious experience, my grandmother's is one of terror and fear. 

Joining me to provide insight and reactions to my grandmother's statement is seasoned UFO investigator, author, pilot, and technical affiliate for NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) Don Ledger and John and Chuck from Mysterious Topics podcast.


1 - 1986 Munro's Point UFO Sighting - Part 1

For my first episode, I have featured a story very personal to me; the 1986 Munro’s Point UFO sighting.

This episode tells the story of the UFO sighting my grandparents experienced in 1986 by using first hand information featuring an interview with my grandfather Edward and also includes information on the research I have conducted on his sighting to help better understand and corroborate his story

Also included is a brief discussion with Mysterious Topics podcast hosts John and Chuck.

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