Master Teacher Natureboy, supplementary information.

During my four part series covering Kayla 'Sunray' Reid's unusual story, my goal was to expand on the traditional media's coverage and provide a new perspective from which to view this story. 

The starting point for my coverage was interviews I conducted with this stories two main players, Sunray (formerly Kayla Reid) and Natureboy, the controversial spiritual leader Sunray fled Canada to follow.

In 'The Rise of Natureboy' I used excerpts of my talk with Naturboy to provide a condensed telling of his life as Eligio Bishop, prior to what he has referred to as his spiritual awakening. I felt this was a valid topic to cover as during the media's coverage of Sunray's story many references were made to Natureboy's criminal background and his former life as a male model and erotic performer. I simple wanted to let Natureboy tell the story in his own words. 

After the release of this episode, I've heard from several listeners who suspected he was being dishonest about his background and some who felt the details of his story couldn't be true.  Although I didn't investigate or research his history to the extent I may my other topics, I did confirm some details of his story prior to publishing the episode. 

In this blog post, I wanted to share the information I found that convinced me he was being honest. 

Criminal Activity

During my interview with Natureboy, he discussed spending time in prison between the ages 16 and 20. Although I didn't find details specific to that I did find the below mugshots and details of charges relating to theft, and driving without a license. 

2009 02 Mugshot

2012 04 mugshot

Modeling / Erotic Entertainment

Although I didn't specifically find his modeling work associated with any commercial application, a simple google search using his name will find many modeling portfolio type shots. As far as erotic entertainment, I will simply take his word for it to avoid needing to explain my web search history to my parents. Below, I've posted a screenshot of Natureboy's profile on the modeling site Model Mayhem

Natureboy's Model Mayhem Profile

Bishop's HD Cuts

During 'The Rise of Natureboy', I was very impressed by his rise in the barbering/saloon industry. To me, this made it obvious he was intelligent, entrepreneurial, and very driven. I've phoned many references to BishopsHDcuts across the net. A twitter profile, many reviews, and of course some photos. Below I've added a photo of the exterior (advertising the $7 Thursdays he mentioned) and the chess table he mentioned installing to offer anyone who beat him a free haircut. 

Travelling in his RV

When I spoke to Natureboy, he described his time travelling by RV with his family through Florida as being a turning point in his interest in nature and a natural life. With very little effort I located a yelp review he left for a RV business he used for servicing in Florida. 


When I asked Natureboy how his online video posts got started, he told me a story about selling his home and moving into a modest apartment. Within the apartment, he had very minimal contents and furniture in favor of setting up a sort of make shift studio. By reviewing his early posts on Youtube I found several of his videos were filmed in the apartment just as he described. 

1978 Clarenville Newfoundland UFO Sighting - Supplemental Material

When preparing my two part series covering the 1978 Clarenville UFO Sighting I set out to gather and share as much of the original documentation as possible. Sadly, despite this event receiving heavy coverage at the time I wasn't able to gather as much as I had originally hoped. In this blog post, I will share with you the various items I was able to obtain. 

You can listen to Jim Blackwood tell his story in Part One of The Night Time Podcast coverage of the event here

You can listen to Part two of The Night Time Podcast's coverage of the event here

Cst. Blackwoods UFO Press Conference 

This is the 1978 press conference that was, and is still often, broadcast on the newfoundland TV station NTV. This press conference has been shared far and wide and is a common entry point for interest in this event. 

   Cst. Blackwoods Drawing of the "Object"

Jim Blackwood has made several hand drawn representations of the object, one was included with his policy report, one held up during his TV interivew. 

Police Report Outlining the Basics of the Event

This is not the original report written by Jim (James) Blackwood, but is a summary of the event. A huge thanks to Chris Rutkowski for helping me locate this. 

At 01 45 hours, Mr. Chester LETHBRIDGE, Marine Drive, Clarenville, Nfld., reported a UFO sighting in the area of Random Island, Trinity Bay, Nfld. The following described object was also witnessed by Mrs. Chester LETHBRIDGE and Cst. James BLACKWOOD of this Detachment. This object was observed with the aid of binoculars and a telescope from outside the LETHBRIDGE residence. The sky was clear at this time and the object was observed at an altitude of approximately three to four thousand feed. Object was described as oval shaped with a large triangular fin on top, completely white with red, what and blue flashing lights and very bright. The object was stationary for approximately one hour at which time it moved straight up at a slow rate of speed. This has been reported to the Department of National Defense, Gander, Nfld.
C.F. Davis, Cst.
Clarenville Detachment  

Document Related to the NRC Investigation

This document is from the National Research Council's investigation files. It includes information on UFO reports from Clarenville (spelled incorrectly). In this document the NRC state the most likely explanation for the object is the planet Jupiter. 

Note To UFO FILE.  REPORTS:  N78/192.198.199.
RE: Reports from Chesterville(sp), NFLD
1/ N78/192 03:00 am the Oct 12, 1978. Duration 2 hours, east.
                   07:30 to 06:30 ast, Oct 12, 1978
2/ N78/198 01:45 am 26 Oct 78.  Duration 1 hour, east.
3/ N78/199 23:30 std NFLD time, 1  Nov 78 Gander
The first two reports, 13 days apart, are by the same people and describe very similar objects. These objects were most likely the planet Jupitar, which is quite brilliant. It rises about midnight in mid-October, and is near the meridian at sunrise. Saturn and several bright stars are also in the eastern sky at this time. 

Two Local News Reports

These are two separate articles that appeared in local newspapers.  

Various Web Articles 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer posts UFO interview video -  - Nov 11 2015

Retired RCMP officer remembersClarenville UFO experience - The Packet  - Oct 29 2015

Remembering Clarenville UFO of 1978 - CBC Radio - Jan 5, 2017

Meet the 'Raccoon Whisperer' of Pictou County - CBC News - Dec 18, 2016


The Night Time Podcast's Favorite Canadian Podcasts

When I launched the Night Time Podcast, I did so with the intention of covering the many Canadian stories that have gone unnoticed by the international shows I had been listening to.  

Considering the topics I planned to cover, I anticipated my show to appeal to Canadian listeners interested in learning more about our fascinating history. Now looking back at my statistics for my first year, I am surprised to see only 15% of my downloads were from Canada.

When I consider how TV shows like Rick Mercer Report and Murdock's Mysteries are able to build an audience in Canada,  I feel like the answer lies in the function of the CRTC. Unlike TV and radio productions, podcasts are not afforded protection under the CRTC's Canadian content rules. This results in many Canadian podcasters struggling to find a Canadian audience, and many Canadian podcast listeners unaware of the great content being created here in Canada.

Seeing as so many great Canadian podcasts are being drowned out by International offerings, I decided to list some of my favorite Canadian productions!

In no particular order...

Canadian True Crime

Minds of Madness


The Trail Went Cold

Dark Topic


Someone Knows Something

My strongest Canadian podcast recommendation is for CBC's Someone Knows Something. Many people rank Serial as the high water mark for serialized true crime investigative journalism, however I believe season two of SKS is above any other serialized podcast to date. It's masterfully written, beautifully produced, and of course very Canadian. 

Someone Knows Something is a podcast by Canadian award-winning filmmaker and writer David Ridgen. Using investigative journalism, Ridgen narrates a nonfiction story over multiple episodes released in seasons.
  • Season one focuses on the 1972 disappearance of Adrien McNaughton, a five-year-old boy who vanished during a family fishing trip in Eastern Ontario. 
  • Season two covers the 1997 disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard, a 29-year-old who had gotten engaged on live televison in the days prior to her last being seen. 


SickBoy is the second best podcast from my city of Halifax. The hosts of SickBoy are some of the best guys you could meet and they are truly doing good by producing a show with a goal of destigmatizing illness in a creative and accessible way. 

Sickboy is a hilarious, yet insightful, podcast that aims to break down the stigma associated with illness and disease. The show started when the hosts (three best friends) recognized that when people face difficult situations, illnesses and diseases, they get awkward, and often don't know what to say. Taking the lead from co-host Jeremie Saunder's life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the trio help people understand that sometimes the best way to deal with illness, disease and life is simply to laugh. 


If you follow Canadian news and politics, stop what you are doing and subscribe to Canadaland. It's the podcast you have been waiting for. It's smart, funny, and always interesting. 

Hosted by Jesse Brown, Canadaland is both a news site and weekly podcast that focuses on Canadian media reporting and criticism.


The No Sleep Podcast

Are you into spooky and unsettling fiction? If yes, No Sleep is a must listen. The show is created by an international collective who formed to share the many pieces of fiction being submitted to the reddit group NoSleep. The No Sleep Podcast is hosted by David Cummings, a Canadian boy through and through. 

The No Sleep Podcast is an anthology series of original horror stories. No Sleep features a cast of talented voice actors, rich atmospheric music and sound effects to bring the frightening tales to life. Put on some headphones and get freaked out!


If you like long form discussions on the strange and unusual, Grimerica may be for you. I think of it as The Joe Rogan Experience on acid. 

The Grimerica Show is a podcast featuring casual conversations with guests from fields ranging from UFOs to conspiracies to psychedelics, meditation, consciousness, folklore and more. 

The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast

I have been a life long movie buff, and sci-fi is one of my preferred genres. After stumbling upon the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast by chance I was delighted to hear like minded people discussing the Sci-Fi I grew up on. In each episode the hosts Remi Lavictoire and Jonathan Colbon discuss, critique, and provide background on a science fiction film. If you are a fan of the Sci-fi genre, especially so the classics from the 80s and 90s, you will likely enjoy the sci fi movie podcast. 

The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast is currently defunct, however the host Remi recently announced the show would be returning shortly to focus on Sci fi television shows, including a personal favorite of mine Twin Peaks. Now is a good time to catch up on their back episodes and await their return. 

The Baddest Ass

With a concept as good as The Baddest Ass, how can you go wrong. Two great guys (one of which is behind the Cape Breton if Trump Wins movement) choose two people from history and decide which of them is... The Baddest Ass. 

Who is more Bad-Ass, Freddie Mercury, or Louis XIV?  Bill Gates, or Billy the Kid?  Each week two brothers debate the Bad-Assness of randomly assigned notable figures. 


Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams

If there is any one Canadian true crime topic / social issue that lacks coverage and attention, it is that of our many missing and murdered Indigenous women. I have received many requests to attempt to cover the topic in some way but I would be in well over my head. Connie Walker is certainly the person for the job. Her masterfully told series on the death of Alberta Williams is bone chilling, and sadly this sort of story is all too common for our Indigenous people.  

sparked by a chilling tip, Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams? is an eight-part podcast investigation that unearths new information and potential suspects in the cold case of a young Indigenous woman murdered in British Columbia in 1989.

Royal Canadian Movie Podcast

Want to fight an up hill battle as a podcaster? Then make a Canadian podcast covering Canadian films! I stumbled upon RCMP by chance when researching My Bloody Valentine and was delighted to find such a podcast exists. I'm now a regular listener of their show and recommend it to all my Canadian film fans. 

Each week co-hosts Becky Shrimpton and Cameron Maitland invite filmmakers, actors, comedians, musicians, writers and theorists, to choose a Canadian film they love and want to share. We research, discuss, review, and summarize the films with wit, mirth and pith. Cam, Becky and their guests help listeners find the weird, the award winning, and the wilds of Canadian Film.

Pete's Paranormal Chronicles

PPC is easily one of the most unique podcasts I've listened to. This show is certainly not for everyone, but it's imaginative and strange. One thing I love about podcasts is that there is so many creative folks contributing in their own unique way... PPC is certainly filling it's own niche. 

In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles. His sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy. December 12th, 1999 is the last day anyone remembers seeing Schwartz alive. These are the recordings of Pete’s old radio show…TURN THE VOLUME UP AND THE LIGHTS DOWN

The Night Time Podcast Visits My Bloody Valentine's Outdoor Locations

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 Slasher film shot in and around the Sydney Mines area of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

The film's production was covered in depth by the Night Time Podcast in a series which included the director George Mihalka, the male lead Paul Kelman, and Nik and Captain (hosts of True Crime Garage).  

You can hear Part 1 featuring the Director George Mihalka and Lead actor Paul Kelman here.

You can hear Part 2 featuring Nik and Captain of True Crime Garage here.

While preparing my coverage of the film, I decided to seek out and revisit some of the many great outdoor locations used in this film. I did it both to challenge my ability to use google maps, and to see how much has changed since in the 36 years since My Bloody Valentine's release. 

To locate the sets, I started by taking stills from the blu-ray version of the film of the various locations I hoped to find. I then clicked and dragged my way through the streets of Sydney Mines looking for similar features. For the hard to find spots I couldn't locate, I shared the stills to the "North side  Caper Memories Facebook Group" where the locals were quick to point me in the right direction.

I present to you now the present day state of the various outdoor sets from My Bloody Valentine. A lot can change in 36 years.

Leaving the Hannigar Mine

As the crew of the Hannigar Mine wrap up for the day, they make their way towards The Union Hall to begin preparations for their fateful Valentine party. It is in this shot we see the "Welcome to Valentine Bluffs" sign. Of all the locations I've visited, this one had changed the least. The telephone poles are the same and if you look on the left side of the street it's almost identical.    

Downtown Valentine Bluffs

As TJ, Axl and crew make their way to the union hall we get our first glance at beautiful downtown Sydney Mines...err Valentine Bluffs. The scene has changed quite a bit in the last 36 years; mainly the large red building on the far right and in the center have been torn down and replaced with nothing. 

1 - main street.png

The Union Hall

After making their way through the beautifully decorated downtown core, our Valentine dance loving crew arrive to the Union Hall to help the ladies put the last few hearts on the wall needed to make this the best Valentine dance in 21 years. Aside from the new salmon colored siding and a fresh coat of paint on the house next door, there hasn't been a lot of change at the Union Hall. 

Another View of Downtown Valentine Bluffs

At one point in the film we get a look at another downtown Valentine Bluff scene. As a statement to George Mihalka and crew's ingenuity, this is simply across the street from the prior downtown scene. Way to make the most of it! Even more so than the prior downtown shot, not much has changed here in my lifetime. 

Mabel's Laundromat

This building is the set of one of the more memorable and plot changing moments in My Bloody Valentine. It's when Mabel's body is found within one of her many clothes dryers that the mayor and police chief make the decision to forbid the Valentine's dance that was being planned.

In the years since the filming, the building has been re-purposed from a mixed use space to a purely residential building. Also, the large school in the foreground has been replaced with a more modern one.  

from the 1981 film My Bloody Valentine

Mabel's LAUNDROMAT in Jan of 2017 

The Spooky Church

After Sarah and TJ have their romantic walk on the waterfront, she makes her way through a dark neighborhood. In this sequence we see her walking in front of the former Immaculate Conception Church.

In the years since the filming, the Church has been closed and sold during the Antigonish Diocese mass asset sell off which was brought on by a need to raise funds to pay the multi million dollar settlement to victims of a priest's sexual abuse. 

A Time Travel Mystery withing My Bloody Valentine???

During my time researching the locations and the film, I stumbled upon a bit of a mystery... 



Paul Kelman circa 2017

Paul Kelman From Present day having a drink with his younger self

paul kelman circa 1981

Canada's Deadliest Mass Murders (1900 - Present)

Canada's Deadliest Mass Murders (1900 - Present)

Despite our reputation as a peaceful 'please and thank you' people, Canada, like any quiet meadow, has its share of spoiled apples. Perhaps statistics show we aren't as angry as those enjoying their freedom to the south of us, but Canada can be as dark as any cobwebbed corner.  

Inspired by Episode 26 of The Night Time Podcast, I present to you Canada's worst mass murders. 

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(Some of) My Favorite Podcasts

(Some of) My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are a big part of my life. I listen to podcasts while walking, cleaning, running errands, and while going to sleep. When I speak to someone who isn't into podcasts, I feel the way the religious recruiters must feel... I'm compelled to help.

Have you heard the good news? Podcasts! 

In an attempt to "help" Night Time Podcast listeners, I've compiled a list of my favorite podcasts... not the best podcasts. These are the ones that I listen to every episode regardless of the topic because, for a variety of reasons, these shows give me the feels. 

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