Emma Fillipoff is Missing

An investigative series by The Night Time Podcast

The Night Time Podcast presents Help Find Emma Fillipoff, a miniseries exploring the 2012 disappearance of Emma Fillipoff from Victoria, BC.

After a period of increasingly odd behavior, an acquaintance of Emma's would contact police to report her being in severe distress standing shoe less on a busy downtown intersection. The police who responded, and determined she was not at risk, would be the last people to see her.

With the help of Emma's friends and family, this ongoing series will share her story and ask you to please Help Find Emma Fillipoff.

Part 1 - An Introduction

The timeline of Emma's disappearance will be told via excerpts of an extended interview with Emma's mother Shelley Fillipoff who has not stopped her relentless search for her daughter, now going into its third year.

Part  2 - Digging Deeper 

Digging deeper into Emma's case via a follow up interview with Shelley Fillipoff and an extended conversation with Tim and Lance, hosts of the wildly popular Missing Maura Murray Podcast.          

Part  3 - Julien's Narrative

Featuring a timeline of oft considered suspect Julien's activities both before and after her disappearance, all told via excerpts of a nearly three hour conversation with Julien himself.                                         


Part 4 - Ellen

In part 4 the focus will shift from the events immediately surrounding Emma's disappearance to her life leading up to Nov 28, 2012. 

This episode features an intimate conversation with Emma's life long close friend Ellen.

Part 5 - Mikaela

In part 5 our focus will remain on those close to Emma leading up to her disappearance. 

This episode features a conversation with Emma's life long friend Mikaela, with whom Emma shared an apartment upon her arrival in Victoria.


Part 6 - Mika

This episode features a conversation with Emma's close friend and roommate Mika, with whom Emma shared an apartment with in the months prior to her disappearance. 

During our conversation, Mika provides a first hand account of Emma's behavior in the months leading up to her disappearance. 

emma 7.jpg

Part 7 - The Girl in the Photo

We’ve all heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Our story begins when a photographer points his camera in the right direction at the right moment in time and by chance alone, captures an image that has set off a roller coaster ride of hope and despair.

Although the photograph may appear typical, it's story would change dramatically when it becomes suspected that the photograph includes Emma Fillipoff, captured by chance 2 years after she was last seen.

Part 8 - Coming Soon

Coming soon

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