Allan Legere - 1 - The Rise of a Monster

Allan Legere is a Canadian serial killer who escaped from custody after a murder conviction and spent 6 months hiding in the forests that surround the Miramichi river valley, coming out only under the cover of darkness to prey on the communities most vulnerable. With every violent crime he committed the fear increased leading to the cancellation of Halloween, mass installation of exterior lights, and many citizens terrified to leave their homes.

In this second episode of this series, We will discuss Legere's 6 month murder spree that lead to 4 deaths, the cancellation of Halloween, and a stain on the town of Miramichi that will never be removed.

Throughout this series, I use excerpts of an interview with Rick Maclean (Editor of Miramichi leader, Author of Terror) who provides his account of the many events that unfold during this terrifying story.