The 1978 Clarenville UFO Sighting - Part 1 - Jim Blackwood's Account

When Clarenville RCMP Constable Jim Blackwood responded to a report of an unusual object in the sky, he expected it to be the next in a series of recent reports all of which resulted in nothing more than a confused citizen describing a vague light.

However, When he arrived to the scene to find a group of mystified witnesses viewing the still clearly visible object with binoculars, he knew this report was unique.

The incredible events which unfolded during the roughly two hour long sighting would fuel both an international media whirlwind and a localized UFO craze.  

In this episode, the amazing details of the 1978 Clarenville, Newfoundland UFO sighting will be told via excerpts from a recent interview with the now retired Jim Blackwood.  

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