Emma Fillipoff - 2 - Digging Deeper

In a follow up to Episode 2 of The Night Time Podcast, we revisit the unexplained disappearance of 26 year old Emma Fillipoff who was last seen speaking to police on a busy street corner in Victoria, BC on a cold November night in 2012.

This episode will include an interview with Emma's mother Shelley Fillipoff who will discuss the current state of the search, the criminal charges she is facing unrelated to Emma's disappearance, and several details of the case that has so many scratching their heads. 

We will also be joined by Tim and Lance of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast who will provide their thoughts on the case in a discussion surrounding the many puzzling elements of this tragic story. 

Please show your support and join Shelley's Help Find Emma Fillipoff Facebook group. 

Watch the CBC documentary "Finding Emma" here