The Sydney River McDonald's Murders - 1 - The Crime

Part one of an ongoing series covering the 1992 Sydney River McDonald's Murders

As 18 year old McDonald's employee Derek Wood finished his shift, he lingered for a time in the closed restaurant before exiting. Unknown to the staff remaining to complete their nightly tasks, Derek had propped open a basement door and in a matter of moments he would return with two accomplices armed with a shovel and a gun.

The resulting robbery of the Sydney River McDonald's during the early morning hours in 1992 will leave three dead, one permanently disabled, and an entire community struggling to understand how this could happen.

During this series, the story will be told by journalist, Phonse Jessome. Not only was Phonse one of the first on the scene that morning, he also wrote the bestselling book on the case, 'Murder at McDonald's'.

This episode is sponsored by Nimbus Publishing, Their recent title, Disposable Souls by Phonse Jessome is available now wherever fine books are sold.