Oak Island - 3 - David Blankenship, Oak Island Royalty

The father/son team of Dan and David Blankenship have been unravelling Oak Island's secrets since the mid 1960's. Throughout the Blankenship's 50+ year search, David worked side by side with his dad during the many events and accomplishments that have since become almost mythical.

This episode includes a candid interview with the wonderfully unrefined David Blankenship.

Tune in and hear David share stories ranging from his first visit to the island, to the day he saved his Dad during a collapse at 10X, to the most current events of the History show 'The Curse of Oak Island'

This episode is proudly sponsored by Nimbus Publishing. their recent title 'Oak Island and the Search for Buried Treasure' By Joann Hamilton-Barry is available now where ever fine books are sold.