P.I.N.S. (Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia)

I've got great news for the many haunted citizens of Nova Scotia. There is a small, but well organized group of paranormal investigators working among us. Through their use of cutting edge techniques and equipment, P.I.N.S.' aims to answer the many questions regarding our historic hauntings and hopefully, in the process, ease our troubled minds.

This episode features excerpts of the recent conversations I had with Earl Lattie and Heather Rann, two of the groups founding members.

The first talk will focus on the formation, past investigations, their Haunted Nova Scotia Facebook Group and key moments during the history of P.I.N.S.

The second being a curated tour of the terrifying, yet compelling, EVP recordings the group captured during their many investigations. Recordings in which they believe to have captured voices from beyond attempting to communicate with them.