The Shag Harbour UFO Incident - 1 - The Event

It's 1967, seventeen year old Laurie Wickins and a car full of friends witness a series of lights travelling at a low altitude just above the tree line. As the lights travel along with the car, the object appears to descend sharply; crashing into the dark waters of Shag Harbour.

When Laurie phones the RCMP to report what he believes to be a downed aircraft, he was asked if he had been drinking, but when five similar reports come in from other area residents every RCMP officer in the area is dispatched.

As the RCMP officers arrive, joining the crowd of witnesses at the shoreline, one this was certain...there is something illuminated on the water and it appears to be sinking.

The event commonly referred to as Canada's Roswell, remains to this day as one of the most compelling UFO sightings in Canada...if not the world.

In the first episode of a two part series, We will be joined by Author/UFOlogist Chris Styles who will walk us through the events of the Shag Harbour Incident.

Concluding the episode is UFOlogist Chris Rutkowski (@ufologyresearch) who will discuss the presence of the UFO phenomenon in Canada and what exactly makes Shag Harbour so important.