Sunray and Natureboy - 2 - The Rise of Natureboy



In the prior episode we heard from Sunray who described her decision to covertly leave Canada to join a Costa Rican based spiritual group. While her explanation provided a better perspective to view her role in this story, the questions I had surrounding the group's other prominent figure remained piled high.

Throughout the media's coverage of this event Natureboy was portrayed as a villainous cult leader who held control over a brainwashed Kayla. After watching his videos and researching his history, I quickly realized he was far more complicated than that.

Over the course of Two episodes I will use excerpts of my conversation with Natureboy and attempt to answer the big question I've been asking…

Who is Natureboy… and how does an American model turned stripper end up leading a religious group in Costa Rica?

In The Rise Of Natureboy, I will cover his life as Bishop, and end with his spiritual awakening as Natureboy. A follow up episode, Who in Natureboy will continue with his decision to leave the United States and lead up to the present day.  

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