Did a Christmas Killer Stalk St. John's, Newfoundland?

From 1978-1984, In the days surrounding the Christmas holidays, four women went missing from the downtown area of St. John's. One was found dead, three were never seen again, and all four were known to hitchhike.

Due to many similarities in the four stories, they have been woven together into a modern legend…

One that has the people of St. Johns asking who was taking a young women from the city each Christmas.


Writing and research assistance: Erin Gillard

Music: Tremors by Vox Somnia

An Update to Tim Hortons Jesus

On a past Nighttime episode ‘Tim Hortons, a Collection of Strange Events’, I shared several bizarre stories set in the popular coffee shop.

In this update episode we will revisit the stranger than fiction story of Jesus Christ’s appearance on a Tim Hortons restaurant on Cape Breton Island.

Our updates concern an alternative origin story of Jesus’ arrival to the building, as well as the future status of the holy site.

UFOs Above Canada - 5 - Getting to know MUFON Canada (with Stu Bundy)

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is one of the world's oldest and largest civilian based UFO - investigative organizations. The stated mission of MUFON is the study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity through investigations, research, and education.

In this episode I will be joined by Stu Bundy, a member of MUFON's Internation Board of Directors and the Assistant National Director of Mufon Canada. 

During our conversation, Stu will remove the curtains that cover this sometimes shadowy, but fascinating organization.


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Report a UFO to MUFON

Rohinie Bisesar - 2 - A Twisted Route Through the Legal System


Toronto, Ontario - December 2015

In the middle of the day and within the aisles of Shoppers Drug mart, an unprovoked stabbing leaves Rosemary Junor clinging to life.

In the days after the attack, the city became captivated by the manhunt for the beautiful, well dressed women, security cameras captured placing a bloody kitchen knife on a makeup counter and calmly leaving the store.

When the suspect is apprehended the story she tells involves mind control, nanotechnology, and a broad conspiracy. 

In this episode, we will pick up the story of Rohinie Bisesar from the point we left off in part one... Rohinie's twisted route through the Canadian legal system. 

Emma Fillipoff is Missing - 9 - Shelley’s Refocused Search

emma 9 cover.jpg

In part 9 of the Nighttime series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, we will again be joined by Emma’s mother Shelley Fillipoff.

In this emotional conversation Shelley shares many details of her now six year long, odyssey like, search for her beloved daughter.

Our discussion includes;

  • the information Shelley used initially to guide her search

  • the new witness account of Emma’s whereabouts after her last known sighting

  • the ground search planned for December

  • a Gofundme campaign to fund the search and an upcoming film project related to it

  • and what closure means to the mother of a missing child


Vox Somnia: https://voxsomniamusic.bandcamp.com/

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/find-emma

Video featuring William's Account: https://vimeo.com/298676540

The Murder of Kristin Johnston

For a 911 operator fielding calls from a university city like Halifax, a Friday night is sure to be a mixed bag with periods of silence book ended by frantic calls from the evenings darker moments.

Those periods of silence get extended as the late night pizza shops serve their last slice and the taxis finish shuttling people home from their foggy evenings. 

As the sun begins to rise it's no longer a hectic Friday night, it's now a quiet Saturday morning, and there is a big difference.

As you will hear during this episode, there was nothing typical about the morning of March 26th, 2016...

Just before 8am, a 911 dispatcher took a call that would set in motion one of the most disturbing murder trials in Halifax’s history.

In this episode, Our topic is the beautiful life, and appalling murder of 32 year old yoga instructor, Kristin Johnston.

Three Chilling Tales from Haunted Nova Scotia (with Steve Vernon)

cover 2.jpg

Some of my earliest scares occurred late at night, in the days leading up to Halloween, with a flashlight and a book of spooky stories.

Individually the stories may span just a few pages, but with each one the authors managed to drag young minds along to places more horrifying than they could have ever imagined.

In this Halloween special, Nighttime will again take inspiration from these books and dress itself up as a collection of scary stories.

Tonight you will hear three chilling stories from haunted Nova Scotia... written and read by my favorite Horror Author, Steve Vernon.

UFOs Above Canada - 4 - Reporting the 2018 Dairy Queen UFO Event

Reporting a UFO cover.jpg

When considering the next topic to cover, I turned to the UFOs Above Canada facebook group for recommendations. As I took note of the many great ideas the group members shared, something else that caught my attention.

Two people from opposite corners of Canada posted details of their recent UFO sightings. The reports were different in nearly every way, but had one commonality. Each solicited help identifying the anomalous object and requested advice on where next to turn.

Immediately this episode's topic, Reporting a UFO, was the obvious next step, but I never expected it to show up on my doorstep the way it did.

Just as I began research for this episode, the gods of podcasting and whomever controls the strange objects in the sky saw to it that I would get a person lesson in UFO reporting.

In this episode, I'll share the story of my 5 year old son Dominic's recent UFO sighting, our experience reporting it, and share the findings of the investigation that followed.


UFOs Above Canada Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ufosabovecanada/

Mufon: https://www.mufon.com/

Report a UFO to MUFON: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl

Bernie Langille - 2 - Larry's Folder

Bernie Cover 2.jpg

In 2017 we were joined by Bernie Langille Jr. who had been investigating the bizarre circumstances that surround the death of the man he was named after, his grandfather Bernie Langille. 

When we last met, Bernie had not only been searching for more information on his grandfather's death, but also looking to simply confirm that the unbelievable story being passed down through his family was true. 

Thanks to a head scratching coincidence, the work we did in part one provided Bernie with everything he was looking for.

In this follow up episode, Bernie will return to discuss what he learned about his grandfather's death thanks to Larry's folder.  

Bernie Langille - 1 - Who (or What) Killed Bernie Langille?

This episode was originally broadcast 2017/01

In February of 1968, Cpl. Bernard Langille's young life comes to an end after a bizarre series of events that start at the Gagetown Military Base in New Brunswick, and end with his mysterious death in the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.

In this episode, I am joined by Cpl. Langille's grandson, and namesake, Bernie Langille who has taken the lead in his family's fifty year pursuit for both justice and the facts related to this strange story. 

The Search for Ryan Shtuka


When 20 year old Ryan Shtuka stepped out of his comfort zone and embarked on an adventure with a close friend their plan wasn't anything risky or dangerous.. it was quite simple. They'd spend the winter in the mountains of British Columbia working at one of Canada's most beautiful ski resorts. 

But as it turned out, something went wrong; no one knows what exactly. What we do know is that his family, his friends, and an army of volunteers have been searching tirelessly hoping to find him, or any trail he may have left after leaving a houseparty during the early morning hours of Feb 17th. 

In this episode we hear the story of the life, the disappearance, and the search for Ryan Shtuka. Told by one of the people leading the search for him: his mother Heather Shtuka.

MsManda - Halifax's Independent VIP Escort

Manda Cover.jpg

You've probably come across advertisements for local sex workers. These are the ones that usually feature a semi nude girl with their face partially obscured and an invitation to make contact for... "a good time".

When considering 'Who are these girls?' I've always been somewhere between puzzled and ignorant... until now. 

As it turns out, Halifax is home to the independent VIP escort MsManda and she agreed to tell me all about her life, her sex work, and a bunch of other stuff that made me blush.

Episode Links

MsManda Twitter: https://twitter.com/msmandahfx

MsManda: https://msmanda.com/

FortNightBeats: https://twitter.com/FortnightBeats


UFOs Above Canada - 3 - Why Should We Care About UFOs?

Why care about ufos cover.jpg

Like any question that concerns odd lights in the sky, why we should we care about UFOs? is nuanced, subjective, and with many answers.

For part 3 of UFOs Above Canada, I've reached out to a motley crue of friends, podcast family, and Nighttime listeners to provide you a cornucopia of opinions on tonight's question... 

Why should we care about UFOs?

The Three Tragic Musketeers of Hollis Street (with Bev Keddy)

They thought of themselves as the Three Musketeers. Three teenage girls selling themselves for sex on the Hollis Street stroll in the mid 1980s.

The friendship they formed and enjoyed, against the wishes of their controlling pimps, would end tragically when during the course of a few weeks two of the three were murdered.

In this episode, I will be joined by Frank Magazine crime writer Bev Keddy who will share the story of the three tragic musketeers of Hollis street. Much of the information you will hear has come as a result of his interviews with Annette… the only member of the group to survive a life of abuse at the hands of sex traffickers. 

Frankie MacDonald, My Favorite Weatherman


Frankie MacDonald is a 34 year old man from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Frankie, who is autistic, has become known around the world as a result of the impassioned weather forecasts and comedy videos he posts to his YouTube channel 'dogsandwolves'. With his videos gaining tens of millions of views and having been featured on T-shirts, action figures, bobble heads, and a book Frankie MacDonald is among the most unique celebrities of our time.  

In this episode, I am joined by author Sarah Sawler who co-wrote 'Be Prepared, The Frankie Macdonald Guide to Life, Weather, and Everything' along with Frankie.  

Where is Joanne Pedersen?

joanne pederson cover.jpg

February 19, 1983, Chilliwack, BC

After ending up on the receiving end of her older sister and babysitter's childhood prank, 10 year old Joanne Pedersen found herself locked out of her house on a cold and rainy night. To request help, the soaking wet and sobbing child entered a pay-phone booth outside of a nearby convenience store and phoned her parents to request help.

By the time they arrived at the store to pick her up Joanne was gone. Now, 35 years since she was last seen, investigators have been unable to locate neither Joanne or the irritated man who was heard in the phone booth with her during her call for help.

The Murder of Douglas Keating

keating coverart 2.jpg

Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2000

Douglas Keating lived a life with many more downs than ups.

He had addiction issues, he served time in prison, and he certainly made a lot of enemies along the way.

But that said, no one deserves to be found beaten to death on a popular walking trail or anywhere else for that matter…. and no one deserves to have their murder go unsolved.

In this episode, I will be joined by Frank Magazine crime writer Bev Keddy to discuss the still unsolved murder of Douglas Keating.

UFOs Above Canada - 1 - What is a UFO?

What is a UFO cover.jpg

In UFOs above Canada I set out to remove the mud clouding the waters that UFOs may or may not be crashing into and present the phenomenon as I see it... 

Compelling, fascinating, inspiring, and most of all... a reality!

With this episode being the first in this series, it only makes sense to tackle the most misunderstood three letters in this entire field... U.F.O. 

In this episode the foundation for the series will be established by asking UFO writer MJ Banias the surprisingly complicated question… What is a UFO? 

Emma FIllipoff - 8 - Conor


In part 8 of The Nighttime Podcast series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, our focus will remain on those close to Emma leading up to her Nov 28, 2012 disappearance.

This episode features a conversation with Conor, a young man Emma befriended in the months just prior to her disappearance. 

During our conversation Conor shares his memories of spending the days with Emma and discusses the times Emma stayed with him on his houseboat.