UFOs Above Canada is an upcoming audio documentary series exploring the UFO mystery with a Canadian focus. In addition to considering Canada's UFO history, the show hopes to provide a venue for Canadian's to share their personal stories of UFO experiences. 

If you would be comfortable sharing your experience, I would love to hear from you. You can share your story in the below ways. 

Sharing a Voice Recording (preferred method)

If you are comfortable with your voice appearing on the web and radio program, the best way to get involved is by submitting a voice recording of yourself describing your experience. Most cellular phones and laptops provide a voice memo application that will be sufficient for this purpose. Recordings (preferrably 10 minutes and less) can be sent to Nighttimepodcast at Gmail dot com. 

Recordings must include your name, a rough date and location of your sighting, and an explanation of what occurred.

Sharing a written account of your experience

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