This feed has been replaced by the Patreon Feed

Hello supporter of the Night Time Podcast,

If you are hearing this, you are currently subscribed to an RSS feed that is being replaced by the newly launched custom RSS feed Patreon launched.

You may recall when I set up the ability to auto download the patreon episodes through my RSS feed I mentioned it being a work in progress. Since that time, patreon has added RSS support to their accounts making it much easier for me to get you bonus content.

So… If you are listening to this, what you need to do is log into Patreon and go to my profile. Then.. to the right of my profile photo you will see a link for "overview". When you enter the overview section… on the far right, just below your monthly pledge amount you will see the audio RSS link.

You can copy that link and add it to your favorite podcast app to ensure you subscribed to my new patreon feed!

With patreon improving their RSS capabilities, I plan to ramp up the amount of free content I create in the future.

Also, this feed you are presently subscribed to will no longer be updated, so you can delete this feed from your app.

Thanks again!