Podcasts Take Toronto?

The other ‘True Crime Podcasts - Live in Toronto’ organizers and I have received many requests to invite/include other podcasters, bloggers, and youtubers to/in this event. Without the time (or knowledge) to organize a convention type event, we hoped others would follow our lead and arrange their own similar events and listener meet ups in Toronto during the weekend of Aug 16-18… creating a sort of open source festival.

Podcasts Take Toronto!?

Friday Aug 16

none… yet

Sat Aug 17

none… yet

Sun Aug 18

True Crime Podcasts - Live in Toronto - 2pm - the Royal Cinema

A live show, Q&A, and meet up with Nina of Already Gone, Robin of Trail Went Cold, Jordan of Nighttime, Kristi of Canadian True Crime, Aaron of Generation Why

If you are planning an event please complete the below form so we can let our attendees know about all the options during the weekend.

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