In producing the two part series on the life and beliefs of Natureboy, my starting point was the 2 hour and 21 minute interview he was generous enough to allow me. As I felt the full interview was too long for my audience, only excerpts where used in the actual episode. This was done to make the length more appropriate, and to chronologically organize the events he discussed. When preparing and selecting the excerpts I was very mindful to maintain as many of the details he provided and certainly not change the meaning behind any of his words. 

Out of respect for Natureboy and his incredible story, I'll be releasing the unedited interview for anyone who would like to hear the pieces I wasn't able to include in the episodes. 

First, You will hear from 0:00 until 51:43. This is the Portion of the interview that was referenced in Sunray - Part 2 - The Rise of Natureboy,  covering his life as Bishop, and ultimatly ending with his spiritual awakening as Natureboy.