Chris Rutkowski and the Canadian UFO Survey

Chris Rutkowski's involvement in the Canadian UFO phenomenon runs so deep many refer to him simply as "the Canadian UFO guy". During his 40+ years of UFO related research, he has authored many books and appeared as an subject expert in countless television and documentary specials, including Unsolved Mysteries. 

What makes his contribution so unique, is that rather than focusing specifically on individual cases he instead uses the many connections he has made to compile data on all UFO reports made in Canada. 

Since 1989, he has analyzed this data and released his finding in an annual report titled the "Canadian UFO Survey". 

To anyone who questions the UFO activity above Canada, Chris Rutkowski is in a great position to tell you what appears to be happening above us. 

Live in Somerville - Part 2 - featuring Lucien Greaves

On August 18th, 2017 I co-hosted a live podcast recording with Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstrani (of Missing Maura Murray / Crawlspace) at the Rockwell Theatre in Somerville, Mass. 

The event featured an interview with the controversial leader of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves

In this episode I share some behind the scenes details, and present a recording of the great night I shared with many of the show's listeners. 


Where is Mekayla Bali?

April 12, 2016, 16 year old Mekayla Bali failed to meet her ride home from her Yorkton, SK high school. It was then discovered Mekayla never attended classes that day, despite having been dropped off at the school earlier that morning. 

Over a year later, Mekayla has yet to be located and her family knows little more than they did that day. 

Investigators were able to build a timeline of her unusual activities that day, but the information contained only creates more questions... most notably where did she go after 1:45pm and why?

A timeline of Mekayla's last known whereabouts

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Live in Sommerville - Part 1 - Clearing the air with Crawlspace

On Aug 18th, 2017 I will join Tim and Lance of Missing Maura Murray and Crawlspace for a live podcast recording and meet and greet at the Rockwell Theatre in Somerville. 

This bonus episode is released both to provide additional information on the event, but also to clear the air a bit after we received an unexpected amount of concern from the minority of listeners. 

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Emma Fillipoff - 6 - Mika

In part 6 of The Night Time Podcast's series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, our focus will remain on those close to Emma leading up to her Nov 28, 2012 disappearance. 

This episode features a conversation with Emma's close friend and roommate Mika, with whom Emma shared an apartment with in the months prior to her disappearance. 

During our conversation, Mika provides a first hand account of Emma's behavior in the months leading up to her disappearance. 

The Murder of Pina Rizzi

While enjoying Montreal's night life with a close friend, 47 Year old hair stylist Pina Rizzi is invited to an after hours club by three men she had just met earlier in the evening. Despite her friend declining, Pina agrees to go with them. 

When Pina fails to return home the next day people were concerned. The worry quickly escalated to panic when reports of a partially burned body found in the area Pina had last been seen begin to circulate.

In this episode our topic will be the murder of Pina Rizzi, told via excerpts of my recent conversation with her neice, Halifax based journalist Christy Somos.


Sunray - 4 - Mike Kropveld, the Cult Whisperer

infocult cover2.jpg

In this episode,  a capstone will be applied to the series covering Kayla 'Sunray' Reid's unusual story by consulting with Mike Kropveld, the world renowned expert on cults, new religious movements, and related phenomenon.

Kropveld has been referred to as "the cult whisperer" and the name fits.

Mike Kropveld has been intimately involved in the topic of cults after a high profile personal experience in the late 70s. In the years since, both directly and through his nonprofit group Info-Cult, Mike has assisted countless members, former members and families  of those affected by the phenomenon.

During our conversation, Mike answers the many questions I have about the topic of cults and helps remove some of the mystery the surrounds this controversial and often misunderstood topic.

Sunray - 3 - Natureboy and the Rise of the Etherians

In the prior episode "The Rise of Natureboy" we heard Natureboy describe the life he lived prior to his spiritual awakening, as Bishop (a male model / stripper / salon owner). 

In this follow up episode, the story will continue from the point he decides to leave the United States.  

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A blogpost related to Natureboy's life as Bishop here

Sunray - 2 - The Rise of Natureboy



In the prior episode we heard from Sunray who described her decision to covertly leave Canada to join a Costa Rican based spiritual group. While her explanation provided a better perspective to view her role in this story, the questions I had surrounding the group's other prominent figure remained piled high.

Throughout the media's coverage of this event Natureboy was portrayed as a villainous cult leader who held control over a brainwashed Kayla. After watching his videos and researching his history, I quickly realized he was far more complicated than that.

Over the course of Two episodes I will use excerpts of my conversation with Natureboy and attempt to answer the big question I've been asking…

Who is Natureboy… and how does an American model turned stripper end up leading a religious group in Costa Rica?

In The Rise Of Natureboy, I will cover his life as Bishop, and end with his spiritual awakening as Natureboy. A follow up episode, Who in Natureboy will continue with his decision to leave the United States and lead up to the present day.  

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Sunray - 1 - Kayla Reid's Short, Strange Disapperance

When 20 year old Newfoundland resident Kayla Reid went missing, it was suspected that she had traveled from her home in Corner brook to the province's capital city of St John's.

Two weeks later, When she turned up on Youtube using the name Sunray in a video filmed far from the rocky shores of Newfoundland, the story changed from a missing persons case into something much more unique.

In the days that followed, the media would broadcast a back and forth battle between the people calling for Kayla's return and the Costa Rican religious group she now called her family.

In this episode, we will hear the timeline of this unique story and hear from Sunray who recently returned to Newfoundland.  

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The 1978 Clarenville UFO Sighting - Part 2 - Discussion with Alejandros Rojas and Martin Willis

In this follow up episode, the amazing details of the 1978 Clarenville, Newfoundland UFO Sighting will be discussed with fellow UFO enthusiasts. 

In the first segment, we will be joined by Alejandro Rojas ( editor) and Martin Willis (PodcastUFO host).

Concluding the episode, We will hear a brief clip from Chris Rutkowski (UFOlogy research) who will provide his thoughts on what Jim Blackwood may have seen that night.   

The 1978 Clarenville UFO Sighting - Part 1 - Jim Blackwood's Account

When Clarenville RCMP Constable Jim Blackwood responded to a report of an unusual object in the sky, he expected it to be the next in a series of recent reports all of which resulted in nothing more than a confused citizen describing a vague light.

However, When he arrived to the scene to find a group of mystified witnesses viewing the still clearly visible object with binoculars, he knew this report was unique.

The incredible events which unfolded during the roughly two hour long sighting would fuel both an international media whirlwind and a localized UFO craze.  

In this episode, the amazing details of the 1978 Clarenville, Newfoundland UFO sighting will be told via excerpts from a recent interview with the now retired Jim Blackwood.  

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Emma Fillipoff - 5 - Mikaela

In part 5 of The Night Time Podcast's series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, our focus will remain on those close to Emma leading up to her Nov 28, 2012 disappearance. 

This episode features a conversation with Emma's life long friend Mikaela, with whom Emma shared an apartment upon her arrival in Victoria.

During our conversation, it becomes apparent that the warning signs of mental illness Ellen described in the prior episode had advanced to the point of becoming a cause for concern a year prior to her disappearance.     

This episode concludes with a discussion with Tim and Lance, hosts of the Missing Maura Murray Podcast. 

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My Bloody Valentine - 2 - Discussion with True Crime Garage

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 horror film show in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. The film tells the story of a fictional mining community in which a group of towns people hold a Valentine's Day dance only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear, proving the validity of a long whispered town legend. 

In this episode I will be joined by the hosts of True Crime Garage Nik and Captain to discuss the film, the horror genre, and their show True Crime Garage

This episode will conclude with a performance of 'The Ballad of Harry Warden' performed by Aaron Corbett. 

This episode include a companion blogpost in which I visit the outdoor sets used in the film.

My Bloody Valentine - 1 - Feat. George Mihalka and Paul Kelman

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 Canadian horror movie filmed in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. The film tells the story of a fictional mining community where a group of teenagers hold a Valentine's Day dance only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear. 

My Bloody Valentine has since become a cult classic and is considered among the finest examples of the slasher genre alongside it's more well known contemporaries 'Friday the 13th' and 'Halloween'.

This episode include a companion blogpost in which I visit the outdoor sets from the film.

Watch the trailer here

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Emma Fillipoff - 4 - Ellen

In part 4 of The Night Time Podcast's ongoing series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, the focus will shift from the events immediately surrounding Emma's disappearance to her life leading up to Nov 28, 2012. 

This episode features an intimate conversation with Emma's life long close friend Ellen (a participant of the CBC Finding Emma documentary).

Who, or What Killed Bernard Langille?

in February of 1968, Cpl. Bernard Langille's young life comes to an end after a bizarre series of events that start at the Gagetown Military Base in New Brunswick, and end with his mysterious death in the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.

In this episode, I am joined by Cpl. Langille's grandson, and namesake, Bernie Langille who has taken the lead in his family's fifty year pursuit for both justice and the facts related to this strange story. 

Haunted Halifax (with Steve Vernon)

On a dark and stormy night, I joined local author/storyteller Steve Vernon on a tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia's most haunted locations. 

In this Halloween special, I take you along for the ride with us to The Halifax Citadel, the old Spring Garden Road Library, Shirreff Hall, Halifax Club, and The Ashburn Golf Club

As we stopped at the storied locations, Steve shared excerpts from his book Halifax Haunts.  




The Sydney River McDonald's Murders - 3 - The Trials

Part three of an ongoing series covering the 1992 Sydney River McDonald's Murders

In this episode, We pick up where we left off in part two with Derek Wood, Freeman MacNeil, and Darren Muise each confessing to playing a part in crime, however, ultimately disagreeing on exactly who did what. 

In this episode Phonse Jessome will continue the story through the trials leading up to the current events.  

Phonse Jessome's book 'Murder at McDonalds' is available as an Ebook here.

The Sydney River McDonald's Murders - 2 - The Investigation

Part two of an ongoing series covering the 1992 Sydney River McDonald's Murders

In this episode, We pick up from where we left off in part one with the trio making their escape from the McDonald's Restaurant containing three brutally murdered employees, and one clinging for life. 

In this episode the story will continue to be told by celebrated author Phonse Jessome