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GloveGuy - 1 the Legend of Halifax’s Glove guy

Halifax, NS, is a city with no shortage of tall tales, folklore, and urban legends.

The story of the Gloveguy, I dare say, is stranger than all of them.

I first heard the story a few years back. Much like many urban legends, a friend of a friend was said to have had an encounter with a man who makes a hobby of offering Halifax's young men rides home late at night, only to reveal his leather glove fetish along the way.

I cant explain why, but I immediately dismissed the story as untrue or an exaggeration.

My initial conclusion couldn't have been more wrong.

My opinion on the existence of the Glove Guy changed when a local man shared the details of a strange late night encounter with a glove salesmen on a local online discussion group. This man's story obviously hit a nerve as within a matter of hours a chorus of others joined the discussion to share their similar stories… many of which included photos and in one case secretly filmed video of the interactions.

I was faced with the realization that the story I had assumed too bizarre to be true was real and I had to learn all I could.

So get in, sit down, and put on your seat belt.

In this episode, we are going to pop open the glove box and dig into the stranger than fiction legend of Halifax's gloveguy.


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