The Murder of Kristin Johnston

For a 911 operator fielding calls from a university city like Halifax, a Friday night is sure to be a mixed bag with periods of silence book ended by frantic calls from the evenings darker moments.

Those periods of silence get extended as the late night pizza shops serve their last slice and the taxis finish shuttling people home from their foggy evenings. 

As the sun begins to rise it's no longer a hectic Friday night, it's now a quiet Saturday morning, and there is a big difference.

As you will hear during this episode, there was nothing typical about the morning of March 26th, 2016...

Just before 8am, a 911 dispatcher took a call that would set in motion one of the most disturbing murder trials in Halifax’s history.

In this episode, Our topic is the beautiful life, and appalling murder of 32 year old yoga instructor, Kristin Johnston.