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Was it a Sasquatch in Pictou County, NS?

In 2015, When I first launched Nighttime, One of the first requests I made to listeners was for story ideas that took place in, or in some way involved, the forest.

The first response I received, lead me to this episodes story.

Myles MacKenzie sent me an email sharing the story of an animal encounter he and some high school friends had in the woods of Pictou County Nova Scotia. 

Actually, "Animal Encounter" is a bit of and understatement. Don't roll your eyes before you hear the story but, Myles and his friends, they believe they encountered the legendary Bigfoot. 

It happened back in 2003, when Myles and a few members of his track team were running sprints in the dense woods of the Green hill provincial park. 

Whatever the group encountered, it wasn't like anything they nor their coach had experienced before or since. Nor was nothing they would ever forget.

Tonight in this episode of Nighttime, we will be joined by both Myles MacKenzie as well as his high school track coach, his father Stephen MacKenzie.

Our Topic, will be Pictou County's surprising history, with Bigfoot.


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