UFOs Above Canada - 1 - What is a UFO?

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In UFOs above Canada I set out to remove the mud clouding the waters that UFOs may or may not be crashing into and present the phenomenon as I see it... 

Compelling, fascinating, inspiring, and most of all... a reality!

With this episode being the first in this series, it only makes sense to tackle the most misunderstood three letters in this entire field... U.F.O. 

In this episode the foundation for the series will be established by asking UFO writer MJ Banias the surprisingly complicated question… What is a UFO? 

Emma FIllipoff - 8 - Conor


In part 8 of The Nighttime Podcast series covering the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, our focus will remain on those close to Emma leading up to her Nov 28, 2012 disappearance.

This episode features a conversation with Conor, a young man Emma befriended in the months just prior to her disappearance. 

During our conversation Conor shares his memories of spending the days with Emma and discusses the times Emma stayed with him on his houseboat.




the Murder of Sadie Rogers


Amherst, Nova Scotia, 1981

Neighbours of Sadie Rogers became concerned for the 80 year old women after not seeing her, or any activity in her home, for over a week. When police respond to a request to check up on Sadie they would enter her home and be met with Amherst's most notorious murder case.

In this episode, I will be joined by Frank Magazine crime writer Bev Keddy to discuss the still unsolved murder of Sadie Rogers.

The Toronto Van Attack


Although Canada is no stranger to murder, madness and mayhem, we have been very fortunate to have largely avoided the type of mass murders and shootings that have become common fixtures in other countries with similar values and cultures to our own.

Sadly, just days prior to recording this episode Younge Street in Downtown Toronto was the setting of an event that many Canadians take comfort in thinking could never happen here.

In this episode, I'll be joined by my best friend Scott to discuss the April 2018 Toronto Van Attack. Our discussion includes the event, the arrest, what is known of the man driving the van, his rumored ideological motivation, and sadly... we will discuss the innocent people killed during this horrible event.

Nighttime Talk - April 2018 - Tim and Lance (Missing Maura Murray)

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For the April 2018 'Nighttime Talk' I am joined by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna (host of Missing Maura Murray, Crawlspace, Empty Frames).

In addition to answering listener questions, during our conversation we discuss;

  • the launch of the Empty Frames podcast

  • their experiences on the Disappearance of Maura Murray TV series 

  • some of our favorite podcasts 

The Story of Rohinie Bisesar

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Toronto, Ontario. December 2015.

In the middle of the day, and within the aisles of Shoppers Drug mart, an unprovoked random stabbing leaves Rosemary Junor clinging to life.

In the days after the attack, the city became captivated by the manhunt for the beautiful, well dressed women, security cameras captured fleeing the store while the victim screamed for her life.

When the suspect is apprehended the story she told about nanotechnology and mind control would cement this case, and the name Rohinie Bisesar, among Canada's most bizarre crimes.

In this episode, we are joined by investigative journalist Raizel Robin (author of 'What happened to Rohinie Bisesar') who helps share the bizarre story of Rohinie Bisesar and the unprovoked murder she is accused of.

Where is Troy Cook?

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Truro, NS - June 11, 1998 

As Tom Cook dropped his 19 year old son Troy off at his apartment, they agreed to meet for supper at a favorite restaurant later that week. 

When Troy didn't show up for the meal, Tom attempted to locate his son only to learn that no one has seen him in days.

In this episode, we are joined by the last person to see Troy Cook... his father Tom. 


Sunray and Natureboy - 5 - Sunray's Return to the Tropics

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We've last heard from Sunray just after her release from the mental health hospital she was admitted to upon her return to Canada from Natureboy's tribe in Costa Rica. During that episode, she left off by sharing her goal to return to a natural life in the tropics as soon as possible.

In this "where are they now" style episode, Sunray will tell us about what she has been up to in the 6 months since we last spoke.  

Esther Cox - 2 - A Haunted Girl?

The Great Amherst Mystery is a notorious case of poltergeist activity which centered around then 18 year old Esther Cox of Amherst, Nova Scotia between 1878 and 1879.

Thanks to the various news reports and writings that still exist from the time, The Great Amherst Mystery is often cited as being the world's best documented case of it's type.  

In this episode, I will be joined by Laurie Glenn Norris (Author of Haunted Girl) who shares the results of her investigation into Esther Cox's life both before, during, and after the events of the Great Amherst Mystery. 


Esther Cox - 1 - the Great Amherst Mystery

The Great Amherst Mystery is a notorious case of poltergeist activity which centered around then 18 year old Esther Cox of Amherst, Nova Scotia between 1878 and 1879.

Thanks to the various news reports and writings that still exist from the time, The Great Amherst Mystery is often cited as being the world's best documented case of it's type.  

In this episode, I will be joined by author and playwright Charlie Rhindress to share the almost unbelievable true story of Esther Cox and the Great Amherst Mystery



Haunted Halifax - 2 - Black Rock Beach (with Steve Vernon)

Halifax's Black Rock Beach is home to many dog walkers, bike riders, and picnic enthusiasts, but the site's history is far darker then those casually strolling through may realize. 

A rock outcropping on Black Rock Beach was the site of one of Halifax's public gallows. Not only were many executed on the site, but their lifeless bodies were left hanging to serve as warning to incoming sailors. 

In this episode, I am again joined by past Nighttime guest and local horror storyteller Steve Vernon who shares his story The Piecemeal Ghost of Black Rock Beach

Emma Fillipoff - 7 - the Girl in the Photo

We’ve all heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

In this episode, the power of a photograph will be put on full display. 

Our story begins when a photographer points his camera in the right direction at the right moment in time and by chance alone, captures an image that has set off a roller coaster ride of hope and despair.

Although the photograph may appear typical, it's story would change dramatically when it becomes suspected that the photograph includes Emma Fillipoff, captured by chance 2 years after she was last seen.

Live at HalCon - Podcasting 101

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Patreon Exclusive

On Sept 22 I was a panelist in Atlantic Canada's largest comic book/sci fi convention. The panel was called 'Podcasting 101' and was planned to be a q and a session with developed podcasters, and attended by those planning to start, or recently began podcasting. 

The panel included myself, Corey from Pete's Paranormal Chronicles, Taylor from Sickboy, and Joel from Citadel Cafe. 

Chris Rutkowski and the Canadian UFO Survey

Chris Rutkowski's involvement in the Canadian UFO phenomenon runs so deep many refer to him simply as "the Canadian UFO guy". During his 40+ years of UFO related research, he has authored many books and appeared as an subject expert in countless television and documentary specials, including Unsolved Mysteries. 

What makes his contribution so unique, is that rather than focusing specifically on individual cases he instead uses the many connections he has made to compile data on all UFO reports made in Canada. 

Since 1989, he has analyzed this data and released his finding in an annual report titled the "Canadian UFO Survey". 

To anyone who questions the UFO activity above Canada, Chris Rutkowski is in a great position to tell you what appears to be happening above us. 

Live in Somerville - Part 2 - featuring Lucien Greaves

On August 18th, 2017 I co-hosted a live podcast recording with Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstrani (of Missing Maura Murray / Crawlspace) at the Rockwell Theatre in Somerville, Mass. 

The event featured an interview with the controversial leader of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves

In this episode I share some behind the scenes details, and present a recording of the great night I shared with many of the show's listeners.